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Our Story

Car air fresheners hold a very distinct position in our cars, yet they are very uninteresting.The car air freshener industry has stuck for years in monotonous designs , with cheap, low-quality perfumes and small longevity.  The use of them has been to cover bad odours of the car for 1-2 days, packing them one behind the other, trying to get a longer last.

Our goal was to bring something different to this industry. We didn't only want to offer a product with a high-quality perfume, but to create a whole new experience. We wanted to design a product, that someone would be proud to showcase in his/her vehicle. An accessory, that would give a character to the car, and a form of expression!

That is why we designed Airos. We are inspired by the go-getters,the innovative spirits , and our designs embody that.They are built for adventuring, creating and daring to disrupt the norm.

After having carefully selected the top perfumes through extend research and a lot of travelling,  we designed an air freshener that will last for weeks, and will be hanging in their car for a very long time, spreading your message wherever you go!