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How to make a car air freshener to last longer?

How to make a car air freshener to last longer?

Car air fresheners are an ideal way to keep your car smelling fresh and pleasant during your travels. However, the longevity of these air fresheners can vary, leaving you wondering how to make them last longer. We will explore simple yet effective tips to help you get the most out of your air freshener.


  1. Partial Opening: Instead of fully removing the plastic packaging from your air freshener, consider partially opening it. This allows you to control the rate at which the scent is released, preventing it from dissipating too quickly.

  2. Control Temperature Exposure: Extreme temperatures can accelerate the evaporation of the scent from your air freshener. When there are such weather conditions, keep it away from direct sunlight . You can place the air freshener in a spot where it is less exposed like in the grab handles of back seats, the trunk, or even on the combination switches.

  3. Consider Scent Boosters: If you find that the scent from your air freshener is fading, consider using scent boosters or enhancers to revitalize it. For example our 10ml spray was designed to replenish its scent and extend its lifespan. With a simple spray on it, it will give life to the same air freshener!

With these tips, you can maximize the lifespan of your  air freshener and enjoy a consistently pleasant fragrance in your car for longer periods. By opening partially your air freshener, controlling temperature exposure, and buying a scent booster, you can make the most of your air freshener and enhance your driving experience longer.