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Your Music Card-Customized Car Air Freshener

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Add the name of the Song and the Artist as a comment after "Customising Your Air Freshener".

Τα προσωποποιημένα αρωματικά μας ,κατασκευάζονται κατόπιν παραγγελίας και θα περιέχουν τη φωτογραφία που ανεβάσατε στην μία πλευρά . Προσφέρουμε πάνω από 10 διαφορετικά εκπληκτικά αρώματα για εσάς , ειδικά σχεδιασμένα για την καμπίνα του αυτοκινήτου σας!

At AIRGOP, we offer the ability to create customized air fresheners based on the photos provided. To ensure the highest quality and user satisfaction, we have established an image guideline policy that outlines the requirements and restrictions for the photos submitted by our users.

  1. Image Quality: We recommend submitting high-resolution images for the best results. Photos with a resolution of at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) are preferred to ensure sharp and clear printing on the air fresheners.

  2. Copyright and Ownership: It is essential that users have the legal rights to the images they upload. Users must only submit images for which they own the copyright or have obtained proper permission from the copyright holder. We strictly prohibit the use of copyrighted material without authorization.

  3. Offensive or Inappropriate Content: We maintain a family-friendly environment and prohibit the use of images that contain explicit, offensive, or inappropriate content. This includes but is not limited to images depicting violence, nudity, hate speech, or discriminatory symbols. We reserve the right to reject any image that violates these guidelines.

  4. Trademarks and Logos: Users should not submit images that incorporate trademarks, logos, or other intellectual property owned by third parties, unless they have obtained the necessary permissions. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and will not produce air fresheners with unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

  5. Image Editing: We encourage users to submit images in their original form without excessive editing or alterations. Overly filtered or heavily edited images may not accurately represent the intended design on the air freshener. We recommend avoiding images with excessive blur, extreme color correction, or heavy watermarks.

  6. Clarity and Composition: To ensure the best outcome, users should select images with clear subjects and well-composed compositions. Images that are too dark, blurry, or pixelated may not result in satisfactory printed air fresheners. We recommend choosing images that are well-lit and showcase the desired subject prominently.

By adhering to these image guideline policies, users can have confidence that their customized air fresheners will be produced to the highest quality standards. We reserve the right to reject images that do not meet these guidelines and may contact users to provide alternative images or make necessary adjustments to ensure customer satisfaction.

At AIRGOP, we believe that every moment in your car should be filled with delightful fragrances that enhance your mood and create a pleasant ambiance. That's why we have curated a collection of high-quality perfumes and aromatic materials specifically designed for our car air fresheners.

We understand the importance of using premium ingredients to craft our scents. Our perfumes are carefully formulated using the finest aromatic materials sourced from around the world. From exotic flowers to rare spices, our collection features a diverse range of captivating scents that cater to different preferences.

ABER: This is a masculine cologne which embodies the spirit of the modern man who is not afraid to embrace his individuality.
Top notes: Citrus, including lemon, orange, and fir, creating an immediate burst of energy that demands attention. 
Heart Notes: A captivating blend of warm spices and herbs, such as cardamom and rosemary, adding a touch of sophistication and depth.
Base Notes: Musk and woody accords provide a long-lasting, seductive trail that lingers in the air, leaving an unforgettable impression.

AQUA: Immerse yourself in the essence of refined masculinity with Aqua 
Top Notes: Crisp and zesty combination of bergamot, neroli, and green tangerine.
Heart Notes: Blend of floral and aquatic notes. Jasmine petal, supported by the maritime essence of rock rose
Base Notes: Warm and woody base notes
BLACK: Designed for the bold and confident woman who commands attention
Top Notes: Pink pepper,orange blossom and pear
Heart Notes : Jasmine and coffee take center stage, creating a captivating and addictive core
Base Notes : Vanilla, patchouli, and cedarwood
BILLION:  Designed for the modern man who exudes confidence and demands attention, this scent is a true reflection of sophistication and power.
Top notes: A combination of sparkling notes of grapefruit, mint, and blood mandarin.
Heart Notes: A harmonious fusion of spicy cinnamon and captivating rose.
Base notes: Leather, amber, and patchouli provide a velvety and long-lasting trail.


BEAUTIFUL LIFE:  Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women
Top Notes: Succulent fruits, led by juicy pear and blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Iris, jasmine, and orange blossom 
Base Notes: Patchouli, praline, and vanilla


COOL FRESH:Fresh fruity aroma for every occasion 
Top Notes: Lemon Zest , Pineapple
Heart Notes: Lavender , Egyptian Geranium
Base Notes: Smooth musk , woods 

SAY YES:  Embodies a sense of empowerment and femininity that leaves a lasting impression.
Top notes: A juicy blackcurrant and tangy mandarin.
Heart Notes: A delicate bouquet of roses, jasmine, and neroli, adding a touch of grace and femininity.
Base notes: Warm vanilla, patchouli, and woody accords provide a sensual and seductive foundation that lingers on the skin.

STATUS BOSS:  The essence of modern sophistication and refined masculinity.
Top notes: A burst of invigorating citrus, including juicy grapefruit and zesty lemon,
Heart Notes:
 A captivating  fusion of spicy ginger and aromatic sage, adding depth and complexity.
Base notes: 
Cedarwood and vetiver provide a warm and earthy foundation, leaving a lingering trail that exudes confidence and charisma.

MALE: A perfume of timeless elegance and seductive masculinity.
Top notes: Fresh Mint and Lavender
Heart Notes:
 A blend of warm spices and aromatic notes, adding depth and allure.
Base notes: 
Vanilla, sandalwood, and amber.

From the moment you smell Juicy Bubble Gum, you'll be transported to a world of sugary delight.
Top Notes: A burst of juicy fruitiness, combining notes of mouth-watering strawberries, succulent watermelon, and tangy citrus.
Heart Notes: A  blend of bubble gum accord, cotton candy, and marshmallow.
Base Notes:  Creamy vanilla and soft musk.

A timeless fragrance captures the essence of sophistication, and warm sensuality.
Top Notes: A warm and inviting blend of sweet and velvety notes.
Heart Notes: The true character of Vanilla is blended here.
Base Notes:  Exotic woods and a hint of musk

An invitation to embrace the pure and innocent moments of life.
Top Notes: A blend of clean and fresh notes, evoking a sense of purity.

Heart Notes:
 A delicate and powdery bouquet that exudes warmth and familiarity.
Base Notes: Creamy vanilla and soft musk.

A captivating fragrance that captures the essence of ripe, luscious grapes, taking you on a sensory journey through a sunny vineyard.
Top Notes: A burst of fruity sweetness and red grapes.
Heart Notes: A captivating blend of floral and green note.
Base Notes: Warm musk and earthy woods

A delightful aroma of freshly baked apple pies, cinnamon-spiced treats, and a touch of aromatic spices.
Top Notes: A a burst of juicy apple, creating an immediate sense of freshness and crispness.
Heart Notes:The aromatic richness of cinnamon,nutmeg and cloves.
Base Notes:  Creamy vanilla and a hint of amber.
EVE'S PEACH: Simple unassuming Cool peach scent
Top Notes: Peach slices , green leaves 
Heart Notes: Caramel , rose
Base Notes: Musk

Please note that we are NOT able to accept returns or refund any items that do not comply with our image guidelines. Please read that carefully before placing an order.

After you have placed your order, you agreed to comply with that, and if products are made, we will not be able to refund or replace them.
Please note that we will contact you if we can identify that the image does not comply with our requirements found in the image guidelines. If we do not get a response back within 3 working days, we will proceed with the order, and we won't be able to refund if a complain appears.



For defective or damaged products, don't hesitate to contact us at to arrange a refund or exchange. 

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Products Made Especially for You We Produce your Airgop based on your order,using the finest materials.
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Made in Greece
  • Safe Transactions Pay with Card,Paypal,Apple Pay
  • Products Made Especially for You We Produce your Airgop based on your order,using the finest materials.
  • Free shipping in Europe for Orders over 50€ Shout about your unique selling points
  • Made in Greece

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Your Music Card-Customized Car Air Freshener


Πολύ καλό


Το αρωματικό αυτό είναι απίστευτο! Μυρίζει πανέμορφα και έντονα σε όλο το αμάξι. Αξίζει σίγουρα!


Your Music Card-Customized Car Air Freshener

Πρότυπο προσωποποιημένο δώρο!

Όμορφη δουλειά!
Απίστευτο αρωματικό με μεγάλη διάρκεια και έντονη μυρωδιά!
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